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Fujairah City Tour

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The only city in the Amman Sea, which is bounded on the east and on the west by the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah, has many tourist attractions that make it one of the most important tourist destinations in the Emirates.

Tourism in Fujairah
The Emirate includes much of the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates and an area of in the Stone Mountains region of the country. Its main center is the modern industrial city of Mirajira, which has a few tourist attractions. Although you probably won't want to stay long in the city itself, away from the high grid of buildings in the city of Al-Qawira, the Principality offers a lot of things to do.

The shores of the Emirate of Arkhira to the north attract a constant influx of visitors looking for a quieter vacation of sun and sand than is available in Dubai. This slide of coastline is also one of the best places to visit in the UAE for diving. Although the main tourist attraction is sand, for adventurous travelers, the Emirate section of the Stone Mountains provides long-distance walking within the heart of the rugged desert mountains, and opportunities for hiking on scenic roads. All of these places can be explored with the rentals of vintage buses.

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The Emirate is one of the Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It is the only one of the seven Emirates whose territory is not located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It is located on the Sea of Amman, in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered on the east by the Sea of Amman, on the west by the Emirate of Ras al al-Khama and the Emma. The capital city of Hajira.

The origin of migrants from the southeastern regions of the Arabian island to the Sham coast, historically known as Phoenicians, or sea giants because of their prowess; It is therefore also called the Land of the Sea Giants, but nevertheless there are no historical accounts to prove it.

The Emirate is known for its excellence in taekwondo sports at the Emirate Taekwondo Club, which is the first place in the State and is given special attention by Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Sharqi.

In addition to its distinctive location, it also features tourists, including castles, floors, and scenery, as well as many tourist sites, which are an attraction for tourists from within and outside. The environment is of a special nature, with waterfalls, sulfur eyes, marine reserves, coral reefs, castles, and monuments.

The best tourist places in the Fujairah
Fort and Square Tricks
The Fort of Tricks is one of the important forts that occupy a strategic position where it is a meeting place for more than one direction and a point. The fort was built in the village of Hillel on the west bank of the valley of Hillel on a mountain about 40 m above the surface of the valley. The village of Hills is located about 13 km southwest of the town of Al-Hajira and based on the results of the chemical analysis of Carbon 14 the fort was built in 1930, and after the demolition of the fort, the square was built "Square Al-Hajil," which was built at a height of about 15 m above ground level and consists of two floors and the surface of the square was allocated for observation and defense of vents. (Burned mud, wooden veins, chalk, and strong candlewood to build roofs).

The fort consists of a large residential unit with large visitor rooms, meetings, bedrooms, stores, and kitchens. It is surrounded by a fortress fence with large gun holes, inside walls decorated with magnificent decoration, the watchtower stands at the highest peak of the fort to observe arrivals in the area, and the eight columns, each 3 meters high and 20 cm in diameter, are erected inside the fort yard.

Pagan Castle
Located in the village of Al-Bathna in the Emirate of the United Arab Emirate. The citadel of Al-Batna is one of the most famous castles of Al-Bathna, which played a role in protecting the area from colonial raiders. The castle was constructed almost in square form.

The Decorated Castle of a Bear
One of the historic fortresses of the ancient past, which was characterized by many ancient wars between Arabs and Persians, is the Fujairah Castle. "Some historical sources stated that the Persians had entered into a treaty with the Arabs of Al-Azad, the inhabitants of the ancient city of Dibba, then overruled their reign and barricaded themselves with the Qal 'at Al-Dibba in preparation for the fight against Al-Azad.

The Shamkhah Castle is characterized by the unique location that distances it from the seaside, guarantees it sufficient distance to protect it from the guns of invading fleets and forces, invaders, to land where they can be caught from its high towers and the guns of its soldiers stationed inside it. It also protects the road heading into the city and blocks it from invading attackers. The castle is located in the room area of Beba Fujairah.

Ain Madhab
The Emirate of Fujairah is characterized by the presence of many eyes for mineral and sulfur water sought by people from different regions of Fujairah for the purpose of healing from some dermatological diseases and joint diseases. One of these eyes is used by visitors to recover from these diseases. The eye is known for its mineral and sulfur water composition. at the end of Union Street in the northern tip of Fujairah, Ain Mudab is a distinctive park, a tourist attraction in the UAE located near the heritage village of Fujairah. Northwest of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, approximately 50 meters from the historic castle of Fujairah.
The park is under the foothills of the Stone Mountains, within the city of Fujairah. It has grass and trees, under which you can have a distinctive stroll. On the edge of the garden, you find the source of metal springs. The park is open daily. The park covers 39,000 square meters and was upgraded in 2016.

Eye Alghumur
In addition to its ability to treat diseases, Gomorrah's eye is characterized by its magnificent location, punctuated by seedlings, palms, and arks. It is located 25 kilometers south of the city center of Al-Hajira and near the road to its solution. As the visitor approaches the eye, the smell of sulfur flows from some of its water into the valley, and the white sulfate its sides leak from the eye water.

The Eye of Ghomor has received a high turnout of tourists and hospital seekers from skin diseases, colds, rheumatism, arthritis, and back diseases, with the natural water temperature of the eye reaching about 60 ° C during both summer and winter months, its water flowing from a spring in the interior and the smell of sulfur, which is so hot that a person cannot stay inside for more than one.

The Valley of the Awful
The Wadi Al-Awrah area is located 45 kilometers north of the town of Al-Hajirah between Khor Fakan and Al-Badayya, surrounded by a range of mountains. The Wadi Al-Awda region is characterized by a rare nature that has allowed for the formation of a system capable of storing water in a mountainous area, as well as a waterfall that drains its water into natural ponds, some of which are 4 meters deep and surrounded by mountain trees and plants, as water is not interrupted throughout the year and is doubled in the rainy season.

Diving Centre Davers Down
Located in the vicinity of the Radisson Blue Hotel and 6 km south of the Dhaba District, it was opened in 2001 and is unique in the Middle East and is one of the most important family diving centers with barbecue facilities to experience diving and relaxing on the beach. The Centre has many islands, such as Pipa Island, through which you can enjoy tropical marine life under the enchanting waters of the beach.

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