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Mazhar Shah Passengers Transport Bus Rental company we provide Rent a School Bus with cost Effective School Bus Rental, renting a school bus from a charter bus service in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. MST Passengers Buses Transport provides a School Transportation Service & school bus rental, and school college university students transportation service using RTA qualified and accredited drivers.

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School Bus Rental Transport - School Transportation in UAE

MST Passengers Buses Transport provides a School Transportation Service & school bus rental, and school college university students transportation service using RTA qualified and accredited drivers. With dedicated Supervisors and well-trained Drivers, we guarantee Quality and Service of the highest standard at all times. We currently provide School Transportation services to all branches of Emirates International School and Dubai International Academy.

We offer school transportation services throughout Dubai, UAE. At MST bus rental, our chauffeurs are conversant with the areas, locations, and routes. We start by focusing on how to provide safe rides to every student that comes on the school bus. we have knowledgeable drivers who pass our drug and criminal background checks. and have them get a commercial drivers’ license from the State to operate one of our vehicles. We run an extensive training program for all drivers. They know how to operate your bus and get your school group to their destination safely and on time.


You can rest assured with Bab Khyber Passenger Transport School Bus Transportation Service, your child will arrive at his destination safely and on time in an environmentally friendly bus.

we are always taking safety measures to make your children safer in the School buses in Dubai. We know parents care a lot about the care of the small children and always complaint about the attitude of the driver but not now with our school bus services. Our idea of the quality services is new and our clients are happy with our dealing with them in this regard.


Price Packages is the bigger issue of most of the transport companies. Our services are the best and we are quite reasonable along with this. We always think to relax the clients and for that reason, we are offering this much good price packages that no other company can offer in Dubai. We are serving the clients with excellence because we know their reviews matter a lot to us. We are very punctual to fulfill your needs and ready to answer queries whenever you demand them. Our rental buses are always at a reasonable price and that is at negotiable prices.

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We strive to make sure that your staff is safe with us anytime and all the time. MST Bus Rental Passengers Buses Transport is checking our buses on daily basis. Our bus rental and passenger school transportation company works all over UAE. That is why you can find our offices and rent points in Bus rental Dubai, bus rental Sharjah, and bus rental Abu Dhabi. We offer such types of transport for rent: Toyota Hiace rental, Coaster rental, minivan rentals, staff buses rentals, limousine rental all kinds of rent abuses, and personal cars. Additionally, we provide rental bus transport services 24 hours per day/7 days per week. Just contact us, if you have any questions!

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