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Sharjah city tour

Explore the city of Sharjah, We will organize the best sightseeing group tour with our bus rental company!

Sharjah City Tour

Sharjah is also known as the art capital of the United Arab Emirates. Sharjah's tourist attractions are all about culture and historical civilization. The emirate's efforts to preserve the region's history resulted in Sharjah being named the Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO in 1998. For art and museum lovers, Sharjah is one of the best places to visit. A visit to the famous Sharjah Art Museum and Sharjah Islamic Civilization Museum are two of the main attractions, while the surrounding heritage area is full of restored buildings now dedicated to the history of the UAE. It's also a wonderful family-friendly destination with many attractions for younger visitors, including Al Noor Island with its Butterfly House and Sharjah Desert Park.

Sightseeing Sharjah City Tour

This tour will take you to Sharjah, Dubai's neighboring emirate, also known as the "Pearl of the Gulf". We start with a photo stop at the magnificent Al Noor Mosque on the Al Buhaira Corniche before continuing to the King Faisal Mosque, the largest mosque in Sharjah. Then we visit the Museum of Islamic Civilization. Several galleries display carefully restored artifacts from the Muslim world, celebrating Islam's contribution to world heritage.

Sharjah City Travel Details

Explore the city of Sharjah, the capital of Dubai's neighboring emirate, Sharjah, on this 4.5-hour tour from Dubai. Sharjah, sometimes referred to as the "Pearl of the Bay", has a beautifully restored old town with historic quarters, museums and souks. See world-class attractions like the Sharjah Fort, built-in 1820; visit the magnificent King Faisal Mosque; and learn about local life over the centuries at the Sharjah Heritage Museum. Finally, discover traditional handicrafts and other goodies at Sharjah's two colourful markets - Souq Al Arsah and Souq Al Markazi. We organize the best sightseeing group tours and bus rentals!

Places to visit in Sharjah City Tour

Sharjah is home to many wonderful sites and landmarks that attract residents, visitors and tourists alike, which in turn are considered the perfect recreational destination and the first breath when wanting to spend a special entertainment day away from boredom and red tape! We will therefore put in your hands today a list of the most famous tourist spots in Sharjah and prominent sites in the Emirate that we advise you to visit as soon as possible, so let's get to know them together!

Tourist places in Sharjah
1) The Island of Light
The Sharjah Island of Light is one of Sharjah's most beautiful and prestigious places. It is a very special cultural and entertainment masterpiece, filled with site-specific art installations and various facilities, such as the children's playground and butterfly house, as well as the Office of Literature, where you can relax and read your favorite book! Various performances, events, educational programmes and workshops are also organized on the island, making it the best tourist area in Sharjah for business lovers.

2) Sharjah Old Car Museum
Surely you can enjoy watching the most prestigious and modern cars in Jamira Beach (JPR) and downtown Dubai, but how about sharing with you part of this history that includes some of the world's most prestigious old car models and seeing them up close? You have to visit the Sharjah Classic Car Museum, which attracts classical car lovers, where it has over 100 beautiful cars dating back to 1915, and may be one of the most entertaining things for your viewer.

3) Sharjah Art Foundation
The Sharjah Art Foundation is located in the heritage area next to the Jubail, a collection of old and new buildings where the finest works of art are displayed. The Foundation provides great programs and events for young people to support their artists and share ideas and experiences with each other. You can access all activities, programmes and events and find out what's new on the Foundation's official website. Visitors are informed of all the details. These are actually some of the most beautiful places in Sharjah that you have to visit.

4) Sharjah Aquarium Jam
Sharjah's aquarium or "Sharjah's aquarium" is one of Sharjah's best tourist places, as it has a special magical effect on visitors that cannot be delivered by word. In the most famous tourist places in Sharjah, he enjoyed watching an unlimited number of marine organisms and getting to know the world of marine life in the deep Gulf, where she would be amazed by her beauty and differences. And don't forget to take the beautiful pictures of her and share them with your friends.

5) Sharjah Desert Park
We are following up on the list of the most prominent tourist places in Sharjah to arrive at the Sharjah Desert Park, which is one of the excitement and excitement of school students throughout the year. You won't find a better destination than Desert Park.

6) Sharjah Desert Park
We are following up on the list of the most prominent tourist places in Sharjah to arrive at the Sharjah Desert Park, which is one of the excitement and excitement of school students throughout the year. It includes the Natural History Museum, the Botanical Park, the Wildlife Park, and the Children's Farm, which gives them the opportunity to interact with animals, feed them, etc., making them an important place on the list of best tourist places in Sharjah for families.

7) Jebel Market
It is the largest market for fresh fish and produces in the United Arab Emirates, comprising many fish shops in the Sharjah fish market, which is an integral part of this great place! And it's not just that. The gale market gives you the opportunity to buy vegetables, fruits, ration and meat. Not to mention, it is a major destination for a large fish market auction that brings together different age groups of visitors.

8) Khan Beach
There are tourist places in Sharjah that make you invest your time with all the fun and new, and the best example of the Khan beach is the definition that provides a wide range of leisure activities. In Sharjah's most popular public and private beaches, you can play beach volleyball and tennis, as well as play various water sports and other recreational beach games and activities. You can also spend great moments with friends and family in an entertaining and safe environment, where a specialist and experienced team runs all the activities to ensure the highest safety standards for visitors.

Central Market
It's unbelievable that you've never visited the central market in Sharjah. It's one of Sharjah's most distinctive features that draws imaginary numbers of visitors. It's also known as the blue market, and it's one of the best popular markets in Sharjah with unique architectural designs. The market includes two buildings, one selling all popular products from traditional packaging, clothing, shoes, household appliances, antiques, carpets and textiles, and the other displaying various forms and designs of gold and silver jewelry.

Sharjah Water Park
The water park is a spectacular recreational park in Sharjah. It is perfect for an atmosphere of play and adventure and enjoys a vast lake and a variety of games for all ages.
In the water park, swimming, water sliding, and open train rides can be enjoyed in the park, enjoying various legends-inspired games, as well as cafes, restaurants, and seating areas.

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